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IW7 Birthday Bash Thursday 31st

Celebrate 7 epic years of creativity, collaboration and community in InWorldz at IW7 B-day Bash and Expo!

Events B Main Prim Expressions_00112:00pm – 1:30pm IWT- PDT- IW7 Presents: Prim Expressions with Ferrator!

– Ever see or play Pictionary? You draw a picture and people guess what it is, eh? Ok, now imagine that where prims are used rather than drawing and you have Prim Expressions.” Join our irrepressible host, Ferrator Montoya, for a fun filled game beginning at Noon IWT!

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DRACO DRACO 37:00pm – 8:00pm  IWT- PDT- IW7: Seanchai Reading – Live in voice!

– This evening beginning at 7 pm. IWT, Shandon Loring of the Seanchai Library will, in keeping with long tradition, present a battle between a hero and a ferocious dragon of the genuine old-fashioned maiden-eating variety—but keep your eyes open, for in the compelling, tricky, and bitterly ironic story that follows, nothing is quite what it seems…

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Seanchai Library on InWorldz presents-On The Island-

Seanchai Library on InWorldz presents
On The Island by Tracey Garvis Graves

Dates: Thursdays February 4th, 11th, 18th, & 25th
Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm IWT/PT, live in voice
Storyteller: Shandon Loring
Seanchai Library on Delphi – at the beach storytelling area):
It is okay to boat to the storytelling area and tie your boat up at the dock.

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Two people stranded on an island struggle to survive—and slowly fall in love…
Anna Emerson is a thirty-year-old English teacher desperately in need of adventure. Worn down by the cold Chicago winters and a relationship that’s going nowhere, she jumps at the chance to spend the summer on a tropical island tutoring sixteen-year-old T.J.
T.J. Callahan has no desire to go anywhere. His cancer is in remission and he wants to get back to his normal life. But his parents are insisting he spend the summer in the Maldives catching up on all the school he missed last year.
Anna and T.J. board a private plane headed to the Callahan’s summer home, and as they fly over the Maldives’ twelve hundred islands, the unthinkable happens. Their plane crashes in shark-infested waters. They make it to shore, but soon discover that they’re stranded on an uninhabited island.

Seanchai Libraries blog


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Time Travel Thursdays

Alexina Proctor announced :

Presented by Seanchai Library every Thursday in January 2016: 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm IWT/PT, live in voice.
Storyteller: Shandon Loring

Seanchai Libraries blog

What more perfect time for, well.. Time. Time Travel that is!
Join us all month for fantastic tales of those brave souls who have braved the millennias and dimensions to conquer and experience humankind’s fondest desire.


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A Christmas Carol by Seanchai Library

Presented Live in voice 10am-11:30am IWT/PST December 5th.

Alexina Proctor :

Shandon Loring and Caledonia Skytower present a 90 minute version of the holiday classic A Christmas Carol that was used by Charles Dickens himself as he shared his timeless story of spirits, and the reclamation of a soul in homes and salons.

Location: Seanchai Library on Delphi

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Seanchai Libraries present : The Fetch

THE FETCH: And Other Apparition Tales with Shandon and Caledonia, live in voice
Date: Saturday, October 17th, noon- 12 IWT
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new location !


Alexina Proctor wrote :

A fetch is a supernatural double or an apparition of a living person in Irish folklore. It is largely akin to the doppelgänger, and sightings are regarded as omens, usually for impending death.

Seanchai Library presents a story of a young woman and the Fetch that haunts her, as well as other stories of apparitions suitable for the season.

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Folklore Art Exhibition 2 D Art and story telling at the Library

Where ? Community Library Folklore 2 D works/paintings&books location Go Visit

The 2D Artists at the Folklore Art Exhibition are on another spot, I missed a teleporter or a link to it, sorry for that and thanks to Alexina Proctor for pointing me out 🙂
Here is some info&pictures and where to go.

In the library on Sendalonde along with the new folklore collection of books, 3 paintings by Sammi Lee and 4 by Modee Parlez,  Shandon Loring of Seanchai Library (storyteller who did a storytelling together with Caledonia Skytower  on Calliope , but unfortenately to late by now.

Seanchai Library and what they do InWorldz :Shandon Loring Moontellers_001

“We Bring Stories to Life in Virtual Worlds”
Seanchai (pr. Shawn-a-kee) – A traditional Irish storyteller/historian.
The Seanchai Library has existed successfully since early 2008, presenting stories and literature of all kinds through spoken word presentations.
We are a library whose collection is built one book at a time, one story at a time, live in voice.
In recent years, Seanchai has extended its reach to include the OpenSim Metaverse (via Kitely Grid) and InWorldz, where we are the guests of the Community Library.

Learn More about them and visit their site
You can also find them on facebook and Google+ Or on Delphi  Go Visit InWorldz

Modee Parlez

she wrote :

As Designer and creator i have great interest in art through the ages as well and in my spare time i used to draw and paint a lot.
The works you see here are all RL and done the good old way except for the Pegasus the was made in Photoshop.
Mythology was always one of my favorite topics.

Modee Parlez Pegassus_001Pegasus born from the storm

Modee Parlez europ_001

 Europe being abducted by Zeus disguised as a bull

Modee Parlez Charon_001

Charon crossing the Styx

Modee Parlez Helena_003

Helena escaping Troy (own fable)

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Sammi Lee

she wrote :
I love to paint or do anything creative really. Its sends me to a peaceful part of myself. I consider it a great opportunity to be able to share my work in IW.

 Sammi Lee_001

Red Riding Hood’s Wolf
As with all Fairytales there are some quite gruesome elements in the telling.

Perhaps the wolf represents Red Riding Hood’s darker nature

while the Wood cutter her lighter nature which wins out in the end?


I tried to get a storybook feel to this painting, who doesn’t remember turning the pages

and being captivated by the illustrations as much as the story 🙂

Sammi Lee2_001

Dragons are part of the whole worlds folklore, this one slumbers and dreams his dreams

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along with the 3D exhibit it will be displayed for serveral months