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Sendalonde Community Library

When Prax Maryjasz (PhD) and Alexina Proctor (MLIS), started building the Community Library in Summer 2011, this was the only general resource and book collection library in InWorldz.

Sendalonde Community Library

Sendalonde is The library building designed and built by architect Strand Starsider takes up over half a region (sim). It has docks for visitors to arrive by boat and a Merfolk entrance. There are books, a reference desk with a call for assistance board, an Exhibition Hall, a storytelling area, a video room, a cafe, beautiful gardens and a Theatre. With hard work by the library board and consultants, we continue adding to our book collection and resources. Suggestions for books to add or other additions are welcome. Though we do not permit advertising, we do accept posters with LMs and notecards about upcoming InWorldz grid-wide events and we have a board of group joiners for major informational / social groups.