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GT Requirements for Viewer and visit

The Golden Touch Theatre is very popular and gets many visitors on the SIM, therefore, some advices are to be considered for all of us to be able to enjoy their great performances !

We at Golden Touch are always stressing the importance of the proper settings to enjoy our shows. We all understand the virtual world is sometimes not perfect. However, we wanted to send advance notice about our upcoming show ***April 2nd at noon IWT.****

We are doing some things that will REQUIRE certain settings in order to be able to even see the effects we’re deploying. So separately from the invite we wanted to send you a clear list of things that, should you choose to do them, will vastly enhance your viewing of the show.

1. *MOST IMPORTANT*: You cannot be using Inworldz Viewer 1 nor Viewer 2 and be able to see this show. From the opening number all the way to the end, the sets and numbers as we’ve planned them, will not make sense if you cannot see the effects. Firestorm is a great alternative viewer, as is CoolVL viewer. IW3 will also work. Pick your poison as we say, but please do not use Viewer 2; we’d hate for you to not see all the things we have in store for you! After the show, you can go back to Viewer 2 again if you wish.

2. As always, be sure your sun is set to midnight. Our stage setups and lighting are crafted at this setting to best capture the mood or ambiance for each song.

3. Turn off nametags. We all love to see who’s dancing but sometimes those name tags can be more of a distraction than a benefit. To turn this off in most viewers you can go to:
a. IW3: Me>Preferences>General> Name tags (Click off or show briefly if preferred)
b. Firestorm: Avatar>preferences>general>turn off name tags (or show briefly)
c. CoolVL: Edit>Preferences>General> Avatar Names> switch to never or Show temporarily

4. Make sure your draw distance is set to a minimum of: 96 and a maximum of: 128
Particles should be at : 8192

5. Advanced lighting model should be set to ON. You can find this setting:
a. IW3: Me>Preferences> Graphics> set quality and performance to High or Ultra (if your computer allows), Then tick advanced Lighting Model
b. Firestorm: Avatar> Preferences> Graphics> set Quality and performance to High or Ultra ( if your computer allows) Then tick Advanced Lighting model
c. CoolVL: Edit>preferences> Graphics> set Quality and performance to High or Ultra ( if your computer allows) Then tick Advanced Lighting model

6. Be sure that in your outfit of choice you wear as little scripted items as possible, and that you remove any scripted items before arriving on the region.

7. Try to arrive 15 minutes early to the event. As everyone arrives, the sims tend to get a bit overwhelmed. We are ready for people to arrive up to one hour early if they have the time to do so (and it gives us a chance to say hello!)