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Golden Touch Theatre IW7 Birthday performances

A little late to attend this outstanding performance of the Golden Touch Theatre !
I visited the first performance and was blown away by the magic, the dance, the effects and the good music put into this outstanding program.
Maybe you don’t realize how a virtual world works, but I can assure you, there is a lot of scripting involved…
Dances to be made, first by the choreographer and later by Calliope Andel to be arranged and put into dance huds….also the special effects, who by the way are greater than Real Life, to be worn by the avatar. In one word, the GT Company is making a great effort to give us a first class performance !

Here are some video’s to show you the high standard and skills build into these dances !

My world, our world, inworldz

Inner peace



This world of wonders, Fire

Feeling good


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Thoth Jantzen returns to IW

quadrapop tree posted this news.

Some of you may remember Thoth Jantzen’s amazing Club 54 video media events a few years back… well he has returned & is testing things out this evening till late on his platform high above Railroad valley – to come experience this amazing art event you will need quicktime installed & running, have streaming media turned on in your viewer (sorry IW V3 doesn’t support this at this time ) & sun set to midnight

I went over to Railroad Valley but couldn’t find his platform… the link quad gave was not complete, so maybe later I get a chance to point you in the right direction šŸ™‚

meantimeĀ  you can see this Video of Club 54 a real mind-bending experience !

He also made some other Art Installations last year for SL12 Birthday