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Publicity and Internet

After a few weeks of retirement, yes I was  feeling low to entertain this blog, because of no interest… but to be honest,    I have to learn the skills to be in the spotlights !
The mountain will not come to you 🙂
I do have a RL introvert personality, therefore I tend to keep low profile even on the internet ! So before I accuse, the fact of having no interest in this blog, I have to undertake some action !
In the forum I came across some groups on DeviantArt about InWorldz, so I joined the InWorldz group by making an account for myself ‘ InWorldzArtBlog‘. Spread the word would be the ‘Old Fashion’,  now adays it is ‘link those parts’ !      But it is encouraging knowing some people are also pulling the wagon or should I say pushing the horse ? 🙂

InWorldzArtist on Deviantgroup on Deviant founded by Zauber Paracelsus some years ago.

The other one is founded by Milo Grigsby he wrote :
As an extension of the work Charlotte and I have created and displayed here in IW, (see previous post on this blog) I have set up a new DeviantArt group, Inworldz Mature Arts.
Our intent in creating this group is twofold:
(1) To raise the visibility of InWorldz and its creative artists, and
(2) To feature the work of the talented members of our community who create tasteful mature and erotic art.

It is not our intent to compete with the existing IW DeviantArt group in any way, but we wanted to offer a place for IW artists to display work which might not meet the PG-13 submission criteria of that group. We have a great deal of respect for that group and Zauber as its admin, and will continue to contribute appropriate pieces there as well!

Please see the Group Info in the DeviantArt page for Membership and Submission criteria. Creation of this group and its use of the IW brand was done with the permission of the founders with the condition that the work displayed be tasteful. The submission criteria reflect this condition.

We hope you will consider visiting, joining and contributing to this new group!

Milo Grigsby and Charlotte


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Art at InWorldz ?

Once upon a time …. most every tale starts like that, speaking of the past by telling nostalgic stories !
I do have some very nice Artistic memories, but where is the Art now here at InWorldz, burried in the past ? Where is the now and here ?
Feeling very sad to see only a few people struggling and fighting to keep the lovely creators , builders and Artists ‘active’ but apparently most of them are enwrapped in silence or they left the building.
I remember the very vivid IWZ Dreamz&Visionz Art Fests lead by the patrones of Arts Jeri Rahja ( now she had to slow down for health reasons).
On those Fests ,wonderful things were created with a lot of participants, a joy to build and a joy for the people who came visit the exhibits. Art was a big part of InWorldz and supported by the Founders so they launched the ICE projects later, but and I used that word ‘but’ twice already wich in my language when used, it mostly means ‘all is good, but…’ a ‘but’ is an extension of a phrase to improve something.
Apparently the ICE projects seems to stand still or it is used in another context or as part of a Festival, all confusing…  Don’t blame the Founders or project leaders, apparently there is not much interest in Art or building anymore ! I felt this coming already for some time and started this blog and tweet to promote InWorldz creators, builders and Festivals… but…

Now I start feeling like a Don Quichotte, a stereotype of the idealist, a foolish hero standing with his good intentions but impractical acts more or less ridiculous !

Unemployed reader, without parole you will of me believe that I this book, to my understanding, would have liked to have made the most beautiful, fierste and wisest that thinking can.
But the natural law that says that everything will I couldn’t break his equal. So begins Cervantes the preface to his book Don Quichotte, brutal and with self-mockery, but also a main theme of the book denoting: the gap between a beautiful dream and hard practice.

I do hope with the next initiatives comming, like the IW7 Birthday Bash Festival and the future ICE projects to see a rivival of the ‘Old Spirit’ filled with creativity, community and laughter where our dreams may come to life again !
There is some Art at InWorldz but you have to seach for it and on the Festivals there is a place for it too, so I hope to see some ! If not I’m afraid it is a lost case. The ideas I had to promote the Art inworld, will be put aside for some time, only keeping the beautiful dream and remember the gap 🙂

greetings from your disappointed Don Quichotte

Salvator Dali Don QuichotteSalvator Dali Don Quichotte