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ICE project December 2015

They announced :

Milo and Charlotte Grigsby have traveled about IW and were inspired as a photographer and model to create a gallery of photos of fantasy, Broadway, film, classic pinup and cheesecake and glamour. We hope you will drop by and enjoy these photographs as much as we enjoyed creating them.

ICE project december2015_003

This is a good example of how we all enjoy our Virtual Reality in InWorldz and ‘play’ with all the wonders this platform has to offer.

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ICE Projects November 2015

ICE Yichard Muni_001

Elven Temple by Yichard Muni

he wrote:

INFO ON THE BUILD………………………………………………………….
This is a large and complicated build, that you need to take time to visit, inside and outside, from top to basement, more the sky level.
It is intended to be a important Elven Temple, the focus point of a whole land. Actually it is part of my project of an Elf Dream land. Due to this theme, the build features nice colors, elegant curved shapes and no modern stuff.

The general plan of the building is seven main levels, inspirited by the seven Chakras of the Hatha Yoga. The meanings somewhat differ, thought, since they are more intended for the activities of a large community than for individual practice. The levels are, from bottom to top:
* Earth (Dark Temple) (Note: there is no connotation of evil here. Rather think underground life forces)
* Energy (Red Temple) (Desire to live and to do things)
* Action (Orange Temple) (Doing the right things in society, economy, etc.)
* Love (Golden Temple)
* Communication (Green Temple) (Opennes to others, meeting people, greeting strangers)
* Spirit (Blue Temple, the top sphere)
* Universe (Purple Temple, the top spire)
In addition there is an unofficial Bad Elf temple, because we must not take ourselves too seriously.

The surroundings are landscaped using a ground mesh, an interesting but work-intensive technique allowing for irregular rocks, tunnels and caves.
Actually the overall layout is after the Feng Shui rules, save that the temple is on the top of the hill instead of the south slope (Yang side).

The landing point is meant to be a full circle, straddling two sims for allowing more people. So that the entire build takes two sims, the second being a welcome point with a harbour and other common buildings. Since the ICE is only one sim, only the temple sim is present. This explains the neat cut on the south side.

Since pure elven building style may be too restrictive, the Elf Dream project includes a common platform at 2000m for «modern Elfs». At present this sim features a train platform with a more classical prims landscape

Ychard Muni_001BW

Yichard Muni_001

Yichard Muni_003


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ICE project October build by Benski Trenkins

Benski Trenkins is already a pioneer of InWorldz and when you join us in this virtual world you will probably meet him at your landing place as a Senior Mentor to welcome you and help you out.

Benski Trenkins

But he is also a very good builder as well and loves ‘the dark side’, Gothic Architecture is his passion.

ICE projects Benski Cathedral_003

Benski Cathedral_001

ICE projects Benski Cathedral_002

For the ICE project he placed one of his Cathedrals,  you can visit this ICE Event till the end of October : Go Visit

He makes also some Machinima and tutorials to learn more about this virtual world.

Video’s and Tutorials

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September ICE SCENIC by Caro Fayray & Twinkletoes Fairplay

Caro Fayray & Twinkletoes Fairplay a combine effort of 2 gifted artists – offering a beautiful display of their art – a must see ICE PROJECT SCENIC

This display is a coöperation between 2D real life work of Twinkletoes Fairplay and Caro Fayray working in 3D. They work well together and all is set in an original decor !

Suggestion: whilst at the exhibit, hover into the ‘Dream Places’ art work and let the creation take over, it is fascinating and magical,  you’ll feel happy, enchanted and relaxed.

Runs from 1st till end of September on the ICE project Scenic

Go Visit

IWZ Cultural Arts endowment scenic

Caro Fayray Dream Places

Dream Places

Caro Fayray Love knots

Love Knots

Caro Fayray Solar winds 1_001

Solar Winds

Caro Fayray_001 tree of life

Tree of Life

twinkletoes fairport_001

   one of the  Pavilions with 2D work it goes from nature to animals

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ICE project COSMOS by Nyx Breen

Nyx Breen explaining his work for the ICE project :

September 1st,2015


The cosmos (UK /ˈkɒzmɒs/, US /ˈkɒzmoʊs/) is the universe regarded as a complex and orderly system; the opposite of chaos. When the ancient Greeks looked at the night sky they saw order and perfection, we know better now that there is order but also incredible chaos . Which swings through the whole Cosmic specter from birth, destruction and death to only be reborn.

This creation and it’s content are interactive, so explore, fly and go to the different LM’s from the TP areas. There are alpha prims so beware, double clicking can be used if your viewer supports it. Yet there is a challenge now and then because of the alpha prims.
Light settings are important to fully enjoy this creation;
Midnight is required to see all the objects properly.
Setting your graphic page in Preference will also greatly enhance the experience.
(there is a texture of what the settings should look like).

Several objects next to the telescopes around the build when click will bring you to URL link with photos and some information. One of the telescopes has a URL that is interactive and shows the cosmos as if we where out in it. Well we already is but you know what I mean.

When you look up and see the Constellations above click on them and they will go dark and you will see the star constellation associated with it.
Spinning around slowly are the star groups related to the Zodiac signs. On the main level are reproductions of Johann Bayers Zodiac signs from his book named Uranometria published in 1603. On the water level across the Moon Bridges you find most of the URL linked telescopes.

When you touch the box under the telescopes it will link you to a URL that have pictures, info and an interactive sky panorama of the Milky Way.

Up higher is the Sky ship that has a great view of the upper part of the build. You can TP to it or just double click transport if your viewer supports it.

On the water section there are a few things to explore on it and under it.

Again fly around double click or use the TP. To get around explore and take pictures. This content was created to be explored and push your photographic skills.

One object is made of 20,000 prims :)
Have Fun.

nyx breen

Ice Cosmos Sky Ship night a.jpg

Photo by Nyx Breen

nyx breen making the final touch on his work_002

…This content was created to be explored and push your photographic skills he wrote,  you and me have to try this when we Go Visit.

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ICE project September by Nyx Breen

Text from Jeri Rahja :

Nyx Breen will open his ICE PROJECT Tuesday September 1 at 3PM IWZ time – this is one of the most Incredible builds by Nyx – a beautiful masterpiece I must say and a must see!!! There is so much to see – a Planetarium in the virtual world I would kind of describe it that is so unique so well planned and a gift to the people of IWZ.

Hunter Montgomery – will be the entertainment for the opening – so do not miss out
and save the date.

Tuesday, Sept 1 3PM IWZ TimeICE project September 15 Nyx Breen_001

(picture veiled before opening)

quote : ‘this is one of the most Incredible builds by Nyx’

and I can confirm this, I remember his build for the Dante’s Inferno very well ! He is a Real builder and artist with a vision.

But go explore his ICE project for yourself from 1st till end of September, you want regret !

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I.C.E. Exhibit – August 2015 Teal Freenote

Text from Teal Freenote :

Teal works in virtual sculpture, primarily concentrating on symbolic and dream imagery around emotional and spiritual feeling, and in virtual photography, capturing 3D world wonders.

In RL, she is a 2-D digital fine artist and designer. Her RL artwork is a synthesis of digital drawing and painting, photography and scanned items, often with an environmental theme.

Gallery Freenote shows the virtual and RL art of Teal Freenote. Dreamsinger Sculpture Isle is a natural setting showcasing Teal Freenote’s sculptures from over seven years in virtual worlds.

**News about Teal’s art and gallery shows is available on the

Gallery Freenote_001Gallery Freenote shows the virtual and RL art

at Dreamsinger

Go visit 

Dreamsinger Sculpture Isle_001

Dreamsinger Sculpture Isle – Gallery Freenote

* I’d like to thank Wolf Hartnell for terraforming, helping make the beautiful landscape for our art.

Go visit

“Teal’s Favorites” – 9 sculptures selected from over 60 that I have created in over 7 years of making art in virtual worlds. These 9 are my favorites displayed in a garden landscape. They represent significant turning points, passions, and moments of illumination in my life. More of my art can be seen at Gallery Freenote and Dreamsinger Sculpture Isle.

Usually I do not explain my works. I like to let people experience for themselves. They come from very deeply personal feelings and intuitions, but in the mini retrospective I will do my best to say a few words on each of the selected sculptures.

ICE projects Teal freenote BW“How Dare You Dream?”

One of the hardest pieces I ever made in terms of emotional turmoil. This is the “guy” inside that you have to face and rise above to be able to create your art…. and your life.

ICE projects Teal freenote How Dare you dream“Kintsugi”

 Kintsugi (Japanese for golden joinery) is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with a lacquer resin sprinkled with powdered gold. “When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history, it becomes more beautiful.”  ~Barbara Bloo

Teal freenote Passage2


The courage to try again and again, to hope that there is a good relationship out there, even though your history is full of pain.

Teal Freenote Some Can Not Be Mended_001

“Some Cannot Be Mended”

No matter what you do or how much you care, people are responsible for themselves and some just cannot or will not be healed. Its incredibly sad, but its not your fault.

Teal freenote Flamenco_002


Made for a themed exhibition about Spain, this represents my love for the life force and passion that is Flamenco music and dancing. I live in New Mexico, USA. At our state university, you can actually get a Masters Degree in Flamenco Dancing.

ICE projects Hoping for Rain

“Hoping for Rain”

Hope and patience during the “dry spells”… what more can I say 🙂

ICE projects Teal freenote Gift of the Goddess

“Gift of the Goddess”

Made for the very first InWorldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival. Truly I look at this and think “who made that?” It seemed to come through me rather than of me.  It is a meditation on and honoring of all that is creativity and the feminine. It still moves and inspires me as if it was another’s art work.

ICE projects Teal freenote Free Spirit

“Free Spirit”

Driving in the car one day contemplating how odd that seems, I suddenly realized that no matter what my age, or what the future holds, my spirit is always free to fly.

ICE projects Teal freenote Perfect


We hold an ideal in our minds and souls. We plan, we seek, we measure. We try and try again but always fall short. The people around us are all a mixture of the wonderful and not so wonderful, each in their own unique combination – as are we. And when all is said, in the end, that is just “perfect”.

Pictures are interpretations of Art Blog, for other images and impressions, please go visit the Exhibition InWorldz ( till end of August) and Gallery Freenote.

‘Go Visit’ link brings you inworld  but you need to have an account/avatar or just sign up, (see links above and on the right side how to join InWorldz)

Thank you for your visit !