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InWorldz Art Assemblage

Sleeping Beauty has happily awaken !

Yes, it’s been awhile this blog had a new article, simply because it was hard to find some news for Art @ InWorldz. And to be honest, I fell asleep 🙂 But never give up hope. Recently some new initiatives have been born under the lead of Nyx Breen.

The Formerly ICE (InWorldz Culturale Endowment) has become IAA – InWorldz Art Assemblage-, a new name for Art and performances to come. Maybe this will be a start to give some Artists a chance to experiment, to create and to use their imagination by  making Art in many forms to benefit the InWorldz community for all to enjoy! Hopefully I have more to say here in the future…as it will be easy to find Art all assembled on 3 Sims.

The Grand Opening of InWorldz Art Assemblage will be on the 1st of september 2018.   I’ll keep you posted.


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Opening ArtWorldz Gallery 30th January

Group notice by Cataplexia Numbers: ArtWorldz Gallery Grand Re-Opening Sat, Jan 30th 3-5 P
ArtWorldz NEW Gallery celebrates its Opening Party & Show on January 30th 3-5 PM IW Time.

The Opening Party in Club Visualizations will feature Live Performances by : Mr Mikie String 3-4, & Ilianor Illios 4-5 PM

and art by :

Amaya Tyrell
Chopper Gurbux
Finn Lanzius
Foto Man
Llola Lane
Mathilde Vhargon
MiniMoon Magick
Nyx Breen
Quadrapop Tree
Sonoma Sandlewood

ArtWorldz Exhibition_001 I went over to  have a preview for what is coming.

Telepad ArtWorldz_001

May I point you to the many Teleporters set up,  use them please,  because there is more to see on several levels.

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Re-Opening Of ArtSpeak Cafe’ & Gallery

message from Cataplexia Numbers!

Re-opening of ArtSpeak Cafe’- Artist Hangout & music Venue @ the ArtWorldz sim – Alternate Metaverse Megaplex. The ArtSpeak Cafe’ sits across from ArtWorldz Gallery,which is ALSO Scheduled to re-open soon-

January 30th 2016 ArtSpeak itself serves as a mini gallery surrounded in art as well!

ArtSpeak Café_001

Soon, the ArtWorldz Gallery will be re-opening…

January 30th 2016 with a gallery full of art…But first we need to get the ART!…nudge nudge wink!

A few really great submissions have come in already but we are still waiting for YOURS!

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Winter Fest Highlight 5

Text from Astoria Luminus&EventsCoordinator

From the WeeFolk to the Artists then to Events G, today is filled with with much more to see.
Through your donations the children are filled with glee, as it buys them presents to find under their tree.

Today we recommend starting off your day by visiting the three art exhibits on our Welcome/Info sim. Next, explore the delightful WeeFolks Community Build then visit the Christmas Tree Display at our Toys for Tots LIve Auction Stage where you can get a glimpse at the items that will be up for Live Auction.
Finish off the day shopping at our Toys for Tots Shoppe where you can find a wide selection of items to buy in the T4T vendors. What better way to end the day than to get some great items while helping raise money to put smiles on the faces of children.

InWorldz Events Scenic 21:

Winter Fest Welcome/Info HubEventsWelcome area_001
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Ice Cave Caro Fayray_001

Art Exhibit – Ice Cave by Caro Fayray
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Llola Lane_001

Winter Fest Art Exhibit by Llola Lane
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Modern Art quadrapop_001

Winter Fest Modern Art by quadrapop tree
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InWorldz Events A:

WeeFolk Community Builds

Weefolk events A_001

Weefolk events A_002
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Enter through an archway of frost covered trees, to experience the merriment of the holidays, Christmas and Chanuka in this jolly winter environment created by the Weefolk of InWorldz. Select a song on the snowglobe and hop on the flying reindeer sleigh to tour the sim. Skate with the elves at the ice rink as you enjoy watching the playful animated characters. Santa has several workshops for you to explore but you must not forget to travel up to the North Pole to see Santa’s House and the fabulous Tree which features ornaments with the faces of weefolk and friends. Other interactive activities: Train ride, playing harp and ground sleigh ride,

Weefolk Team:
aminata Potez
Cassie Eldemar
OldeSoul Eldemar
Archer Umia
sChen Chaos
Wolf Hartnell
simon firefly
Teal Freenote
Yichard Muni
Neill McCullough
Qiao Ling


InWorldz Events B:

Winter Fest Main Stage sim created by the Main Stage Build Team
Mainstage B_002 

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Our Main Stage sim includes the Frozen ruins Hub, our Frozen ruins Main Stage where we have many of our entertainment events and a Storytelling amphitheatre.Activities include an ice skating pond.


Ice castle stage_002

Our Snow Ball events will be held in the Cloud Sky Ice Castle
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Be sure to visit the Live Auction Stage to get a glimpse of the wonderful Christmas Tree Displays and items which will be Auctioned to the the highest bidder at our Toys for Tots Live Auctions on Dec 12th at 2pm and Dec 20th at 1pm.

Main Stage Build Team:
Astoria Luminos
Moontan Valeeva
Teal Freenote
Tiana Genesis
Wolf Hartnell


InWorldz Events G

shoppe district_001
InWorldz Shopping Quartier designed by elin egoyan
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shoppe district_002

Toys for Tots Shoppe
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Help us raise money for Toys for Tots by making a donation to one of the many T4T kiosks or buy items at the Toys For Tots shoppe from the red T4T vendors.
Stroll down the streets to see the many merchant shops. Each merchant shop has two red T4T vendors in front of their shops. Support T4T by purchasing some of these lovely items from the T4T vendors.
Enjoy your explorations, support Toys for Tots and have fun!

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InWorldz Winter Fest Kick-Off

Today the festivities of the Winter Fest and the Fundraising for Toys For Tots is kicking off today !

But first I like to introduce you to a website made by Wolf Hartnell for the Winter Fest and the fundraising for Toys for Tots.

It will come online today, when it does, I will put the link here.


Todays opening festivities are :

Winter Fest
Friday 4th December 2015

Builder appreciation skate party
DJ Astoria
When : Friday 4. dec 2015 12:00 – 14:00 Pacific Time
Where : Events B – skate pond

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InWorldz Events B Main stage_001

Winter Fest
Friday 4th December 2015

The Dinkies!
When  : Friday 4. dec 2015 15:00 – 16:00 Pacific Time
Where :InWorldz Events B mainstages

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InWorldz Event B The Dinkies stage_001

Winter Fest
Friday 4th December 2015

PyroVR Fireworks Special Water Display w DJ
When : Friday, 4. december, 16:30 – 17:45  Pacific Time
Where : Events B – north
“PyroVR Fireworks presents: “Through the eyes of a Child” Water Display” with DJ Mike Chase (or Calliope Andel)

Go Visit

InWorldz Event B_001





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ICE project October build by Benski Trenkins

Benski Trenkins is already a pioneer of InWorldz and when you join us in this virtual world you will probably meet him at your landing place as a Senior Mentor to welcome you and help you out.

Benski Trenkins

But he is also a very good builder as well and loves ‘the dark side’, Gothic Architecture is his passion.

ICE projects Benski Cathedral_003

Benski Cathedral_001

ICE projects Benski Cathedral_002

For the ICE project he placed one of his Cathedrals,  you can visit this ICE Event till the end of October : Go Visit

He makes also some Machinima and tutorials to learn more about this virtual world.

Video’s and Tutorials

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Folklore Art Exhibition 2 D Art and story telling at the Library

Where ? Community Library Folklore 2 D works/paintings&books location Go Visit

The 2D Artists at the Folklore Art Exhibition are on another spot, I missed a teleporter or a link to it, sorry for that and thanks to Alexina Proctor for pointing me out 🙂
Here is some info&pictures and where to go.

In the library on Sendalonde along with the new folklore collection of books, 3 paintings by Sammi Lee and 4 by Modee Parlez,  Shandon Loring of Seanchai Library (storyteller who did a storytelling together with Caledonia Skytower  on Calliope , but unfortenately to late by now.

Seanchai Library and what they do InWorldz :Shandon Loring Moontellers_001

“We Bring Stories to Life in Virtual Worlds”
Seanchai (pr. Shawn-a-kee) – A traditional Irish storyteller/historian.
The Seanchai Library has existed successfully since early 2008, presenting stories and literature of all kinds through spoken word presentations.
We are a library whose collection is built one book at a time, one story at a time, live in voice.
In recent years, Seanchai has extended its reach to include the OpenSim Metaverse (via Kitely Grid) and InWorldz, where we are the guests of the Community Library.

Learn More about them and visit their site
You can also find them on facebook and Google+ Or on Delphi  Go Visit InWorldz

Modee Parlez

she wrote :

As Designer and creator i have great interest in art through the ages as well and in my spare time i used to draw and paint a lot.
The works you see here are all RL and done the good old way except for the Pegasus the was made in Photoshop.
Mythology was always one of my favorite topics.

Modee Parlez Pegassus_001Pegasus born from the storm

Modee Parlez europ_001

 Europe being abducted by Zeus disguised as a bull

Modee Parlez Charon_001

Charon crossing the Styx

Modee Parlez Helena_003

Helena escaping Troy (own fable)

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Sammi Lee

she wrote :
I love to paint or do anything creative really. Its sends me to a peaceful part of myself. I consider it a great opportunity to be able to share my work in IW.

 Sammi Lee_001

Red Riding Hood’s Wolf
As with all Fairytales there are some quite gruesome elements in the telling.

Perhaps the wolf represents Red Riding Hood’s darker nature

while the Wood cutter her lighter nature which wins out in the end?


I tried to get a storybook feel to this painting, who doesn’t remember turning the pages

and being captivated by the illustrations as much as the story 🙂

Sammi Lee2_001

Dragons are part of the whole worlds folklore, this one slumbers and dreams his dreams

 Go Visit 

along with the 3D exhibit it will be displayed for serveral months