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IW7 Birthday Bash Tuesday 29th

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Events Coordinator gave us this overview from the Agenda.  She does a very good job, everday again, to promote and announce the festivities and things to do ! (some tour info posts to come later)


Celebrate 7 epic years of creativity, collaboration and community in InWorldz at IW7 B-day Bash and Expo!

12:00pm – 2:00pm IWT-PDT– IW7 Presents: DJ Arcana Numbers

We are pleased to welcome DJ Arcana Numbers, who will be mixing live in the IW7 main pavilion beginning at Noon IWT!

Events B Main Stage_002

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2:00pm – 3:30pm IWT-PDT– IW7 Presents: Prim Expressions with Ferrator

“Ever see or play Pictionary? You draw a picture and people guess what it is, eh? Ok, now imagine that where prims are used rather than drawing and you have Prim Expressions.” Join our irrepressible host, Ferrator Montoya, for a fun filled game beginning at 2 p.m IWT.

Events B Main Prim Expressions_001

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4:00pm – 6:00pm IWT-PDT– ICE presents: Magic Arts of InWorldz created by Thoth Jantzen and hosted by Tiana Genesis.

A preview event of the upcoming Art Fest – Southern Charm, This dazzling event is a multimedia extravaganza created by Thoth specially for the ArtFest.
The exhibit is powered by Parcel Media, which requires QuickTime installed on your computer and preferences set to enable parcel media and audio.
After the event explore his stunning art installation which even includes some hidden treasure.

WARNING – This show includes immersive moving media and bright light effects which may not be suitable for some.

ICE IW7 Southern Charm Toth Jantzen_001_006

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Hope this is the right TP for the show,if not, try to go to the ICE Sim3 and inquire where to go 🙂

Be sure to take time to explore the fabulous artwork, builds and exhibits on the other events sims before, inbetween and after events.


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