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After a few weeks of retirement, yes I was  feeling low to entertain this blog, because of no interest… but to be honest,    I have to learn the skills to be in the spotlights !
The mountain will not come to you 🙂
I do have a RL introvert personality, therefore I tend to keep low profile even on the internet ! So before I accuse, the fact of having no interest in this blog, I have to undertake some action !
In the forum I came across some groups on DeviantArt about InWorldz, so I joined the InWorldz group by making an account for myself ‘ InWorldzArtBlog‘. Spread the word would be the ‘Old Fashion’,  now adays it is ‘link those parts’ !      But it is encouraging knowing some people are also pulling the wagon or should I say pushing the horse ? 🙂

InWorldzArtist on Deviantgroup on Deviant founded by Zauber Paracelsus some years ago.

The other one is founded by Milo Grigsby he wrote :
As an extension of the work Charlotte and I have created and displayed here in IW, (see previous post on this blog) I have set up a new DeviantArt group, Inworldz Mature Arts.
Our intent in creating this group is twofold:
(1) To raise the visibility of InWorldz and its creative artists, and
(2) To feature the work of the talented members of our community who create tasteful mature and erotic art.

It is not our intent to compete with the existing IW DeviantArt group in any way, but we wanted to offer a place for IW artists to display work which might not meet the PG-13 submission criteria of that group. We have a great deal of respect for that group and Zauber as its admin, and will continue to contribute appropriate pieces there as well!

Please see the Group Info in the DeviantArt page for Membership and Submission criteria. Creation of this group and its use of the IW brand was done with the permission of the founders with the condition that the work displayed be tasteful. The submission criteria reflect this condition.

We hope you will consider visiting, joining and contributing to this new group!

Milo Grigsby and Charlotte


Author: Art Blog

I'm a citizen of the Virtual World InWorldz for many years, created this avatar to promote the Art and festivities, news and Highlights of this Virtual Platform.

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