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Art at InWorldz ?

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Once upon a time …. most every tale starts like that, speaking of the past by telling nostalgic stories !
I do have some very nice Artistic memories, but where is the Art now here at InWorldz, burried in the past ? Where is the now and here ?
Feeling very sad to see only a few people struggling and fighting to keep the lovely creators , builders and Artists ‘active’ but apparently most of them are enwrapped in silence or they left the building.
I remember the very vivid IWZ Dreamz&Visionz Art Fests lead by the patrones of Arts Jeri Rahja ( now she had to slow down for health reasons).
On those Fests ,wonderful things were created with a lot of participants, a joy to build and a joy for the people who came visit the exhibits. Art was a big part of InWorldz and supported by the Founders so they launched the ICE projects later, but and I used that word ‘but’ twice already wich in my language when used, it mostly means ‘all is good, but…’ a ‘but’ is an extension of a phrase to improve something.
Apparently the ICE projects seems to stand still or it is used in another context or as part of a Festival, all confusing…  Don’t blame the Founders or project leaders, apparently there is not much interest in Art or building anymore ! I felt this coming already for some time and started this blog and tweet to promote InWorldz creators, builders and Festivals… but…

Now I start feeling like a Don Quichotte, a stereotype of the idealist, a foolish hero standing with his good intentions but impractical acts more or less ridiculous !

Unemployed reader, without parole you will of me believe that I this book, to my understanding, would have liked to have made the most beautiful, fierste and wisest that thinking can.
But the natural law that says that everything will I couldn’t break his equal. So begins Cervantes the preface to his book Don Quichotte, brutal and with self-mockery, but also a main theme of the book denoting: the gap between a beautiful dream and hard practice.

I do hope with the next initiatives comming, like the IW7 Birthday Bash Festival and the future ICE projects to see a rivival of the ‘Old Spirit’ filled with creativity, community and laughter where our dreams may come to life again !
There is some Art at InWorldz but you have to seach for it and on the Festivals there is a place for it too, so I hope to see some ! If not I’m afraid it is a lost case. The ideas I had to promote the Art inworld, will be put aside for some time, only keeping the beautiful dream and remember the gap 🙂

greetings from your disappointed Don Quichotte

Salvator Dali Don QuichotteSalvator Dali Don Quichotte


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I'm a citizen of the Virtual World InWorldz for many years, created this avatar to promote the Art and festivities, news and Highlights of this Virtual Platform.

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