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Opening ArtWorldz Gallery 30th January

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Group notice by Cataplexia Numbers: ArtWorldz Gallery Grand Re-Opening Sat, Jan 30th 3-5 P
ArtWorldz NEW Gallery celebrates its Opening Party & Show on January 30th 3-5 PM IW Time.

The Opening Party in Club Visualizations will feature Live Performances by : Mr Mikie String 3-4, & Ilianor Illios 4-5 PM

and art by :

Amaya Tyrell
Chopper Gurbux
Finn Lanzius
Foto Man
Llola Lane
Mathilde Vhargon
MiniMoon Magick
Nyx Breen
Quadrapop Tree
Sonoma Sandlewood

ArtWorldz Exhibition_001 I went over to  have a preview for what is coming.

Telepad ArtWorldz_001

May I point you to the many Teleporters set up,  use them please,  because there is more to see on several levels.

Go Visit


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