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quadrapop tree announced, (yeh she is back with the In Themez)

In Themez 2016
In Themez is transforming in 2016.

It’s changing into a grid wide, in store, monthly themed promotion.
The In Themez website, published links inworld and a networked poster will make navigation easy.
The event itself provides a community of creators all of whom are promoting the monthly theme thus helping to bring visitors to all participant’s stores.
For those creators without stores the new In Themez Homebase on Railroad Valley will have limited display space available (up to 50 prims each).
Anyone can take part. Simply follow the In Themez Participant instructions (found at the end of this post) to join in each month.
Just by being part of a group event like In Themez you will raise your profile through the synergy created when many people promote the same event at the same time. What’s more accepting the challenge of the monthly themes is, in itself, fun and rewarding, providing inspiration and opportunities to promote your work.

The items be on offer do not have to be NEW, they can be from your BACK CATALOGUE – they just have to be SOME HOW linked to the month’s theme.

THE THEMES for 2016
This year we are asking “What brings people to InWorldz? What sort of things keep them coming back?”
In answer we offer:
Partnerships, Fantasy RP, Cultural & Social Exchange, Art, Nautical, Aeronautical, Breedables & Collectables, Education, Gardening, Building & Decor, Historical RP & Wheeled Vehicles

These In Themez will concentrate on the things that bring new people and help keep them: from avatar customisation (the biggest area of content creation on any grid) through environmental content to tools and toys to make the dreams of the residents possible.
As you can see all disciplines and interest groups are covered SOMETIME during the year, and, in fact, most of the themes are broad enough that just about everyone can make or choose SOMETHING that can be said to be

“In Theme” in SOME way EACH month.

Still confused how your own creations or service might fit any of the themes?
Don’t worry each month will be covered in detail on the blog with hints & suggestions of what is suitable for that theme – whatever you make will fit at least ONE theme if not ALL themes this year.

The themes for In Themez 2016
In short:

Partnerships (romantic/community/social)
Fantasy RP (avatar customisation/RP groups/impossible in rl RP)
Cultural Exchange (language, food, customs, music, socialising, holidays etc)
Art (RL and virtual, making, owning and viewing)
Nautical (water based vehicles and community)
Aeronautical (Air based vehicles and community)
Breedables (animals, kids, plants anything that is collected and/or grows/changes over time)
Education (formal how to, formal RL/virtual crossover, informal via social interactions)
Gardening (sim landscaping, plants, farm RP, gardens, flowers)
Building (learning, resources, prefabs of all kinds, building socially as well as virtually physically)
Historical RP ((avatar customisation/RP groups/impossible in rl RP)
Wheeled (land based vehicles and community)

More detailed info about each theme is available in the info pack at In Themez HomeBase on Railroad Valley sim.
In Themez Participation instructions
All you need do is supply a NC naming the monthly theme you are entering and including in it an LM and a logo texture.
Send this to quadrapop by the 27th to be included in the next month.
Then on, or before the first of the month, set up the In Themez Monthly TAG (included in the info pack) next to your themed item/s in your own store, and each month put up the In Themez Monthly Themed POSTER in a prominent place in your store (this will act as a NC giver for that month’s LMs).
Join the In Themez In world group to be notified of information about the monthly events and to ask for assistance regarding your participation.
Enter as many items in as many months as you like – the only limit is that the items fit into the theme for that month.
For more information on how to best utilise being part of In Themez please read the “Using In Themez” note card found in the info pack available from In Themez HomeBase on Railroad Valley.


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