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Winter Fest Sunday 20th Closing

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As far as I know , the Inworldz Winter Fest Calendar is empty now.  The Golden Touch Theatre will be closing the festivities. I hope you enjoyed the entire festival !

I like to thank all the people involved, for creating, building, posting, blogging, twittering and writing so we could enjoy this wonderful Winter Fest.

A special thank you to InWorldz EventsCoordinator and the gang, who did a great job ! Without her notecards and announcements we would have been lost in the forest 🙂
To be informed for future events, follow her on twitter :

I will concentrate on Arts @InWorldz again and having already some ideas to promote the Art, hopefully I can realize them in the future !
Thank you for visiting this InWorldz Art blog 🙂

Have great celebrations and I wish you all a very Happy New Year !


Winter Fest
Sunday 20th December 2015

Golden Touch Theatre
When : Sunday 20. dec 2015 10:00 – 11:00 Pacific Time
Where : Inworldz Event C

Sugar Plums Winterfest 2015-3

The Sugar Plums

With this title, a melodie came into my mind,  The Nutcracker Sugar Plum Dance 🙂

Go Visit


11:00am – noon Winter Fest T4T Breedables Auction
InWorldz Events Scenic 41

“With the eyes of a child You must come out and see…” all the wonderful breedable animals at this special auction hosted by Kels and Matt Foxclaw.

Place bids on the OyO animals and help raise money for Toys for Tots.
Join us on InWorldz Events Scenic 41 for the fun today.


Winter Fest
Sunday 20th December 2015

Winter Fest T4T Auction!
When : Sunday 20. dec 2015 13:00 – 17:00 Pacific Time

InWorldz Event B life Auction place_001

Go Visit

The last Auction for Toys for Tots, thanks to all who helped, created and donated for the good cause, because

‘Every Tot Deserves a Joy’ !





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