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Winter Fest Highlight 5

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Text from Astoria Luminus&EventsCoordinator

From the WeeFolk to the Artists then to Events G, today is filled with with much more to see.
Through your donations the children are filled with glee, as it buys them presents to find under their tree.

Today we recommend starting off your day by visiting the three art exhibits on our Welcome/Info sim. Next, explore the delightful WeeFolks Community Build then visit the Christmas Tree Display at our Toys for Tots LIve Auction Stage where you can get a glimpse at the items that will be up for Live Auction.
Finish off the day shopping at our Toys for Tots Shoppe where you can find a wide selection of items to buy in the T4T vendors. What better way to end the day than to get some great items while helping raise money to put smiles on the faces of children.

InWorldz Events Scenic 21:

Winter Fest Welcome/Info HubEventsWelcome area_001
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Ice Cave Caro Fayray_001

Art Exhibit – Ice Cave by Caro Fayray
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Llola Lane_001

Winter Fest Art Exhibit by Llola Lane
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Modern Art quadrapop_001

Winter Fest Modern Art by quadrapop tree
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InWorldz Events A:

WeeFolk Community Builds

Weefolk events A_001

Weefolk events A_002
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Enter through an archway of frost covered trees, to experience the merriment of the holidays, Christmas and Chanuka in this jolly winter environment created by the Weefolk of InWorldz. Select a song on the snowglobe and hop on the flying reindeer sleigh to tour the sim. Skate with the elves at the ice rink as you enjoy watching the playful animated characters. Santa has several workshops for you to explore but you must not forget to travel up to the North Pole to see Santa’s House and the fabulous Tree which features ornaments with the faces of weefolk and friends. Other interactive activities: Train ride, playing harp and ground sleigh ride,

Weefolk Team:
aminata Potez
Cassie Eldemar
OldeSoul Eldemar
Archer Umia
sChen Chaos
Wolf Hartnell
simon firefly
Teal Freenote
Yichard Muni
Neill McCullough
Qiao Ling


InWorldz Events B:

Winter Fest Main Stage sim created by the Main Stage Build Team
Mainstage B_002 

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Our Main Stage sim includes the Frozen ruins Hub, our Frozen ruins Main Stage where we have many of our entertainment events and a Storytelling amphitheatre.Activities include an ice skating pond.


Ice castle stage_002

Our Snow Ball events will be held in the Cloud Sky Ice Castle
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Be sure to visit the Live Auction Stage to get a glimpse of the wonderful Christmas Tree Displays and items which will be Auctioned to the the highest bidder at our Toys for Tots Live Auctions on Dec 12th at 2pm and Dec 20th at 1pm.

Main Stage Build Team:
Astoria Luminos
Moontan Valeeva
Teal Freenote
Tiana Genesis
Wolf Hartnell


InWorldz Events G

shoppe district_001
InWorldz Shopping Quartier designed by elin egoyan
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shoppe district_002

Toys for Tots Shoppe
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Help us raise money for Toys for Tots by making a donation to one of the many T4T kiosks or buy items at the Toys For Tots shoppe from the red T4T vendors.
Stroll down the streets to see the many merchant shops. Each merchant shop has two red T4T vendors in front of their shops. Support T4T by purchasing some of these lovely items from the T4T vendors.
Enjoy your explorations, support Toys for Tots and have fun!


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