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Winter Fest Highlight 4

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EventsCoordinator noted :

Trough the eyes of a child come and see…. bob sleds, toboggans, and places to ski.  There is so much to do, so much in store…..go Spelunking, ballooning….. enjoy activities galore.

Sim builds and activities highlighted :

InWorldz Events Scenic 38:

Winter Villages by Llola Lane, Sven Pertelson, Kylie Garzo, oBobbyYo Resident & Tamara Redenblack

This collaborative team effort offers an eclectic mixture of winter and holiday designs.  With a festive holiday atmosphere, this sim has a Christmas Wonderland area that includes merry go rounds, a hot chocolate ride, adorable snowmen and a stunning ice cave filled with crystals and icicles.  For some interactive fun be sure to experience the Bob Sled run… so much fun!  Free skates and skis are also available for you to enjoy.   There is even a canoe ride/tour so you can leisurely ride as you view the designs. Cross the bridge to the Gallimaufry winter village area. “Enter the village doors if you dare… Where they will lead you could be anywhere!”  (interactive)
Touch the story board posters to listen to stories.  Follow the instructions on the sign. (interactive)
There is much to see and do in the village so make sure you TOUCH the villagers for some interesting chat and grab the FREE Gifts spread through out the sim.

winter villages Llola Sven Kylie_002

winter villages Llola Sven Kylie tamara_001

winter villages Llola Sven Kylie_003

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InWorldz Events Scenic 37:

Pirates’ Team Winter Build led by Calnia Westland

Skate around the frozen pond with the seals, penguins and polar bears in this winter Pirate land.  Explore the ships and woods where you may even find some snarly looking pirates that you can sit with at the campfire.  Chop some wood and then head over to the cave to see what surprises are in store for you there.

Pirate Team:
Calnia Westland
Taika Wirsing
Snarly Locks
Digital Pixel

pirate's team build_002

pirate's team build_003

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InWorldz Events Scenics 31, 35, 36 & InWorldz Events F:

Snow Country – Winter Activities sims by Snow Country Events Team

This set of four sims, is chock full of winter activities. The beautiful snow countryside of Coyote Mountain and Birch Mountain provide a great setting for many interactive activities such as: skiing, ski jumps, toboggan rides, boating, tram rides, ski lifts, ice skating, snow sleighs, planes and balloon rides.
There is so much to do here !

Snow Country Events Team:
Tenbears Running
Jay Copperfield
Kayaker Magic
Judy Dressler
scenic 31_001

scenic 35_001

scenic 36_001

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If you want to get some RL exercise, tp over to our Four Seasons – InShape Track

Enjoy the scenery from all four seasons as you travel the track at this lovely sim created by elin egoyan

scenic 33 InShape running_001Go Visit


Enjoy your explorations!


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