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Winter Fest Highlight 3

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EventsCoordinator noted :

Through the eyes of a child come and see……Just how much fun exploring can be!

Today we highlight 3 more of our winter sim builds:

Frozen Winter Fantasy by Fayre Scribe & Gideon Solo
Christmas Scenes by Misha Wench
Winter Woodlands by Tamara Ismee


Events scenic 28
Frozen Winter Fantasy by Fayre Scribe & Gideon Solo

This whimsical environment, created by Fayre Scribe and Gideon Solo, gives us a glimpse into the fantasy and Victorian styles of holidays, Christmas and winter celebrations. Your journey will begin with the enticing Candy Christmas featuring a candy cane merry go round ride, then take you to the winsome Snowman Forest including a captivating dragon ice sculpture. Travel further to the Fairy Christmas filled with the magic of the holidays as only fairies can celebrate. Next enjoy the songs of the carolers in the Victorian Christmas section. Also grab a set of free skates to use on the frozen stream. Finish your explorations by hiking to the top of the mountain To Elsa’s Ice Castle to listen to her sing and watch her entrancing dance.


Winter Fest Faye scribe Gideon solo_002

Winter Fest Faye scribe Gideon solo_001

Faye Scribe Gideon solo_001

Frozen Winter Fantasy by Fayre Scribe & Gideon Solo

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InWorldz Events Scenic 23:
Christmas Scenes by Misha Wench

This playful sim, created by Misha Wench, is sure to bring out the inner child in all of us with its over sized presents and ornaments to the cute skating penguins and snowmen. Enter the ice Santa Workshop castle to see animated graphics of Santa and the elves as well as lovely dancing sugar plum fairies. This clever mixture of animated objects and graphics is sure to delight.

Mischa Wench_001

Mischa Wench_003

Winter Fest 2015_005

Christmas Scenes by Misha Wench


InWorldz Events Scenic 16
Winter Woodlands by Tamara Ismee

Tamara Ismee’s Winter Woodland sim has all the feelings of a countryside holiday in the snow. The inviting cabin is filled with toys that would delight any child. (Some of the toys are interactive so give them a try). As you explore the other regions of the sim, you will find calming streams, waterfalls, lakes, a manger scene and a toy soldier castle. After you have explored the sim take time to relax with your friends in one of several conversation/seating areas and listen to the sounds of nature. Before you leave, look up in the sky to see Santa riding in his sleigh around the moon which is sure to put a smile on your face.

Note from Tamara:
When Santa got stuck up the chimney, The elves decided to play 🙂
Those naughty elves hid 7 of his presents around the cabin. Help Santa find his presents, or he won’t be able to go on his way.
“In the eyes of children we find the joy of Christmas. In their hearts we find its meaning.”

Author: Leland Thomas

Tamara Ismee_002  Tamara Ismee_001

Tamara Ismee_003Winter Woodlands by Tamara Ismee

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