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Join us today for our Fall Fest 2015 Kick off event:

when ? : at 1pm IWT- where? Fall Fest 2015

Go Visit

FALL FEST 2015 Halloween poster 18 oct 2 with effectswith thanks to Moontan,Tiana, Rubis for the poster

Rubis Topaz the Witch and her band
invite all monsters of IW to a celebration of SABBAT

Come and see the amazing and fantastic Halloween show
featuring two extravagant and cruel witches who concoct a magic potion that could turn you into toads!

After the show, you will be enchanted, uh .. guests …to our amazing dance.
Directed and danced by the troupe of Rubis Topaz :

Ruby Vandyke
Judy Dressler
Rathmeous Dagger
Troy Conover
Zylom Southmoor
and Rubis Topaz

Our sponsor for the particles effects

Our sponsor for many scripts
Maredinverno Tobias

Snapshot_002Rubis Topaz waiting for the guest to Kick Off the Fall Fest 2015

IW Fall Fest 15 Special Event Stage and Fashion Runway


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