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InWorldz Fall Fest 2015 Celebration begins on the 18th !

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InWorldz Event Coördinator has put everything in this note :

Only 2 more days until the InWorldz Fall Fest 2015 Celebration begins! Join us for Fall, Fright, Fun and feeling the Elements!

It is that time of year. The leaves are beginning to turn beautiful colors and fall, which means it is time for our annual Fall Fest Event. We invite you to be one with the elements as we celebrate earth, air, water, fire, autumn and the Halloween season.

This year the Event will begin on Oct 18th and end with several big Fright Fest Halloween Parties on Oct 31st. Our themes include autumn, Halloween, and the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water)

While our week of entertainment is mainly from Oct 24th – 31st, we encourage everyone to visit all the sims between Oct 18th – 31st to see all the incredible builds, art and fun interactive elements that the amazing creators of our InWorldz community have designed for your pleasure. Our InWorldz Shopping Quartier (designed by Elin Egoyan) is also open for all your shopping needs and you can even pick up some free items at our InWorldz Gift Shoppe (organized by Benski Trenkins). Be sure to visit the InWorldz Events F and water sims for interactive water and air elements like boating, sailing, surfing and airplane rides. For those that like to stay fit, we have the Four Seasons InShape sim with track available (created by Elin Egoyan). The ICE sims will also be open for all to see the wonderful art exhibits.

So mark your calendars and come over to the InWorldz events sims for autumn, halloween and elemental fun.

INFORMATION – Visit our Welcome/Info sim to get the latest information and tp to the various sims and view some of the art exhibits there. Click the Fall Fest poster to get detailed information and LMs.
Go Visit


Marina / Airport / Beach / Waterways –
If you love water sports and/or flying, this is a must see. Grab a boat and traverse the water sims or grab a plane and fly over all the event sims. This area, spanning several water sims and Events F, has many interactive spots for you to fly, enjoy boating and even surf the waves. There are boat racing gates for you to use as well. Be sure to check our event schedule to see Tenbears’ boat racing event and Kayaker’s surfing demo event

Thanks to Tenbears Running, Jay Copperfield, Kayaker Magic and Judy Dressler for creating this amazing set of sims which will remain thoughout this year and part of next year.

Shopping and Free gifts –
If shopping is your passion, then you are in store for a treat. Our Shopping Quartier has great designers’ items for sale. Find autumn, halloween and elemental themed items in the lovely Charleston setting of shops designed by Elin Egoyan. We also have some free items for you at our InWorldz Gift Shoppe (organized by Benski Trenkins). Take a boat tour on the sim in the motor boat, which can be found at our Charleston dock.

Treasure Hunt –
The Pirate Community, led by Calnia Westland, has created a fun Treasure hunt on their sim. Search for the chests as you explore the area of the InWorldz pirates

InShape Four Seasons Track –
Stay fit by exercising on our InShape track. Enloy each season as you travel the paths throughout this lovely sim created by Elin Egoyan. This sim will be available throughout the year.

Fantasy, Faries and Fun – (interactive experiences)
Fayre Scribe and Gideon Solo have created an enchanting interactive environment that includes leaf rides, a butterfly carousel, playing in the leaves, and much more. You will delight in this fantasy autumn themed environment.

Canoe ride, stories, haunted house, haunted warehouse and other interactive elements to explore –
Take a canoe ride as you explore the villiage of Gallimaufry. Created by Llola Lane, Sven Pertelsen, Knutz Scorpio, kylie Garzo, and oBobbYo Resident

Trick or Treat hunt –
on the Air Element Interactive sim by Taffy Riddler and Bridget Jones
Ride a ghost ship or take a bat ride tour of this engaging build that celebrates the Air.
Find Tricks or Treats!


Attend an entertainment event – Music, Dance, Theatre, Fashion, Storytelling, DJ events, Boat racing, Surfing Demo and more!
We have a variety of entertainment for you to enjoy. See our event schedule posting for details.

Prim Expressions –
Join Ferrator Montoya for a fun filled game. Ever see or play Pictionary? You draw a picture and people guess what it is, eh? Ok, now imagine that where prims are used rather than drawing and you have Prim Expressions Check our events schedule for dates and times.


We are so pleased to have members of the InWorldz community participating in Fall Fest. They have really outdone themselves creating engaging, creative environments for all to explore. A detailed list with descriptions & LMs can be found in our packet when you click the Fall Fest poster on the welcome /info sim.

AIR ELEMENT SIM – Experience the Air Element on this interactive sim. Search for treats, rezz a flying chair, launch a rocket, and so much more. See the attached note for details of this fun packed interactive build created by Taffy Riddler and Bridget Jones.

What better way to experience the air elements and water elements, than to fly in the air and sail on the water. This set of sims created by Tenbears Running, Jay Copperfield, Kayaker Magic and Judy Dressler is packed with interactive activities such as boating, racing, airplane rides and surfing.

AUTUMN DAYS by Zarmina Naidu
Stroll down the path beside a wandering peaceful stream and enjoy the colorful folliage and element inspired writings and sculptures of Zarmina Naidu

AN AUTUMN DELIGHT by Tamara Ismee – This captivating build includes ponds, waterfalls, fall landscaping, and serene spots to enjoy.

A FAIRY FINE AUTUMN by Fayre Scribe and Gideon Solo – Delight in this whimsical interactive environment full of fairies, fall fantasy forests. Ride the butterfly carousel, lay back and float down stream on the leaf ride, dance at the faerie ring, play in the leaves or bob for apples. So much to find and interact with on this sim… see what more you can find.

AUTUMN FOREST by Fleure Homewood – Rolling hills and colorful autumn trees

ELEMENTALS by Ilianor illios – All four elements are represented in this stunning blend of earth, air, fire and water. From fire breathing dragon to a delightful flying fairy to sea creatures. one can enjoy the artistry of this creative build.

THE ELEMENTS by Nyx Breen – Oversized water droplets splash to create swirling patterns surrounded by mother earth’s trees as windwhirls of fire dance in the sky.

FIRE ELEMENT by Wolf Hartnell. Explore the molten pool of this charred mountain…. but wait …do not forget to look inside the cave beneath. What surprises may wait inside?

GALLIMAUFRY VILLIAGE by Llola Lane and Sven Pertelsen – Many interactive elements await for you to explore, from a canoe ride to audio stories. Explore the village doors and buildings for more surprise. There are many things to see and do in this village (even UNDER the water)… make sure you TOUCH the villagers for some interesting chat and grab the FREE Gifts spread through out the sim.

A mysterious mountain cave calls for you. travel the winding path to the cave to find the wonders inside.

HAUNTED WAREHOUSE by Kylie Garzo & oBobbYo Resident –
See the Haunted Warehouse that has a moat around it. Grab a canoe if you dare and float through the tunnel of fright! (interactive)

HAUNTED HOUSE by Knutz Scorpio –
The Haunted House on the hill has six ghosts wandering the house, spider webs that are actually sticky, and arachnophobes may want to avoid the third level of the house.

PIRATE COMMUNITY BUILD led by Calnia Westland – Filled with items pirates love! As you wander the pathways, be sure to keep a lookout for the 13 Treasure Chests. Inside each chest, is a gift…some more valuable then others. In addition, there are 2 hidden Treasure Chests that are there for the taking by the first person who finds them.

A WEEFOLK HALLOWEEN by the weefolk of Inworldz team:
Cassie Eldemar
OldeSoul Eldemar
aminata Potez
Archer Umia
belavar planie
sChen Chaos
Ladyheart Murin
Teal Freenote
Full of halloween tricks and treats. Features include a giant pumpkin storytelling stage, a pumpkin carousel, ghosts, goblins and graveyard. As usual, the weefolk go all out to create a fun and spooky environment for you to explore.

The Event Welcome / Info center has two art pieces:

Elemental Art by Caro Fayray
Halloween Art by Llola Lane

For information on the ICE sims and the art exhibits there use this LM and click on the ICE signs
Go Visit
ICE sim exhibitors: Benski Trenkins, Milo & Charlotte Grisby, Twinkletoes Fairway & Caro Fayray, and Yichard Muni.

Thanks to the founders for sponsoring this event and a grand thank you to all the participants of this years event. Your creativity, talent, and dedication make this event a success.

Join us for Fall, Fright, Fun and feeling the Elements!
We hope everyone will explore and enjoy the Fall Fest 2015.

The Events Team:
Co-Chairs: EventsCoordinator InWorldz
OldeSoul Eldemar

Bookings Manager – Astoria Luminos

Assistant Chair, Technician, Scripter, Planner extraordinaire – Wolf Hartnell

Gift Shoppe Organizer – Benski Trenkins

Prim Impressions Organizer – Ferrator Montoya

Commons Areas builders and designers – Moontan Valeeva
Elin Egoyan
Astoria Luminos
Wolf Hartnell
Teal Freenote
Main Stage Design – Tiana Genesis

Weefolk liaisons – Cassie Eldemar and OldeSoul Eldemar

ICE liaison – Jeri Rahja

Event Photographers – rig torok and MidnightRain Glas

Water sims designers & water activities organizers (Marina, Airport beaches and boat race gates) – Tenbears Running
Jay Copperfield
Kayaker Magic
Judy Dressler

InWorldz is a very creative community with lots of fun ! If you want to enjoy this fantastic Virtual Reality World and be part of it , just JOIN InWorldz !


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