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Video parts 1-8 of Golden Touch Theatre Anniversary

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Calliope says :

This was Belavar’s winning song choice. i have always loved the original classical piece but when I came across the rock version too it became an excellent show opener! To celebrate the classical and the modern was such a treat. There is duality in everything, even in music and if you listen you can find beauty in it all.

Luscious says :

This piece is special to me because the music for this was chose by one of our raffle winners and dear friends, belavar plainie. The mixture of the glamorous setting of the concert hall with the classical music followed by the more edgy modern remix of such a beautiful piece make for a powerful dance number. Thanks, belavar! This was so much fun to work on!



Calliope says – I don’t think many people understood this piece. It’s one of those sets where you can apply many thoughts and ideas to it. The music was haunting and almost alien in nature and made me think instantly of coveting. For me this song is about the “wanting’ of something or perhaps someone. And how sometimes maybe there is a common ground to be found in the obsession. Or perhaps sometimes we go along blindly coveting until what we want is finally ours. But then where do you go from there…

Luscious says – A story of dark obsession and the need to possess and control the object of that obsession — this is the type of story we’ve all heard about and many of us have experienced in our own lives on one side of the picture or the other. This piece is one of my personal favorites because it’s such a complete melding of both of our minds and hearts, a true collaboration in every sense of the word from conception to delivery.

Calliope says – I do so love fairytales. i heard a rendition of once upon a dream with a much darker tone to it than the lighter version by Lana del Ray and it made me think of Hocus Pocus (one of my favorite movies!). And how they took needed the children’s essence to live. And so the first spring half of the number is the luring, the second winter half is the taking or converting of beloved dinkies into a darker version of themselves. They’re adorable anyway you look at them!

Luscious says – This piece was born with the phrase, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?” And throughout it’s creation, that phrase was used over and over. From start to finish, the whole piece was actually put together pretty quickly. So light and airy at first, the transition to the darker side of this one gives me chills every time we perform it. I do so love things with a bit of a twist!


Calliope says – This was the first time we had done a number on the suggestion of another. Wolf Hartnell (in part dare I think) gave us this song and wanted to see what we could do with it. When I heard it I simply thought… geishas, in a swamp, dancing. Don’t you love creativity? (I mean how random and yet so fun is that!)

Luscious says – This one was the very first number we ever created to a piece of music chosen by someone other than Calliope or me — and that person was Wolf! We asked him to give us a musical number he thought would be a bit challenging… and this was the result. The first thing Cal said to me was, “Maybe dead clowns or carnies…” I said, “I’m not too sure about that.” Then she says, “Well, I’ll tell you what my initial thought was, but you’ll laugh. I really see dead geishas on this one.” I did laugh… but with delight because it was the PERFECT idea for this dark music. And the rest is history, lol.


Calliope says – this was another raffle prize winners song. Raphus Bird gave us this song and the first time I heard it I knew this was the one. It spoke to me about how we judge people by appearance or other such trivial things. And stereotypes can be frightening but if you look with a clearer eye you may see things or meet people you are enriched by knowing. Too, it is a piece of how with very little but a glance or a kind gesture we can help others and we should… everyday.

Luscious says – Another EXCELLENT song choice by another raffle winner, Raphus Byrd. I had never heard this song before he submitted it to us, but I loved it immediately. This was also one of the first numbers that Lexxy collaborated on with us. Such evocative imagery in every piece of this… the set textures and props, the costumes, the dances, the particle effects, and all combined to delivery a message of hope that stirs my heart every time.


Calliope says – This piece represents overcoming. We wanted it to be a joyous celebration. In the year we’ve been here, we’ve seen many things some good; some bad. But we’ve begun something wonderful and grown individually and collectively because and through it. And so we celebrate not just with our close friends but with all of you because that is what we do… And it’s what makes this group a community. And it’s wonderful.

Luscious says – The quote for this song says it all… “If you think positively, Sound becomes Music, Movement becomes Dance, Smile becomes Laughter, Mind becomes Meditation and Life becomes a Celebration.” Music has always been a big part of my life, having been a performer since the age of 4. I was a band geek (haha) in jr. high and high school, majored in music in college, performed in the 1st AD Band in the US Army, and also in several different civilian bands until around some time in my 40s when I figured it was time to settle down a bit. I attribute my ability to celebrate life in large part to my love of music. For every situation, there’s a song that fits. And for every song, there’s a Golden Touch piece waiting to be be born!


Calliope says – Who doesn’t love the matrix! I wanted to have a piece where we merged and melded with the matrix with a little storyline thrown in for fun. I think the result in collaboration with Luscious ByNature (and others now!) has proven wonderful. Such an enjoyable bit of artistry.

Luscious says – This will alway be one of my special favorites because this was one of the very first sets that I ‘experimented’ on with scripted textures and other such magical things. I’m no scripter, but I learned a hell of a lot about tweaking while working on this set’s textures, lol. And besides, I’ve always loved the Matrix movies and this number is just super cool!


Calliope says – I was driving home from work when I heard this piece. I very nearly got into an accident I was so moved by it. I drove home as fast as I dared to, gathered Luscious and Wolf and by the time they hit the platform I had already had part of the set done and unveiled the concept. This piece for me was inspired by more than just me, perhaps divinity, perhaps my heart, but however it came about it’s been one of my favorite pieces and always gives me both sadness for the loss and joy for the sharing. In a single 3;32 song I see people from all over offering their intentions, prayers, sorrow and hopes for peace and it is moving. For me this was a privilege. To witness and share in a community led by the heart. I am still humbled and grateful.

Luscious says – I’ve lost people I love, people close to me who were a big part of my life. Every single day, I feel the void in my own life that was left by their passing. Yes, it’s true that time heals wounds; but time thankfully doesn’t erase the memories that I shared with those who’ve gone. And hopefully one day, we will meet again somewhere in Eternity.

Video’s taken by Tenbears Running !


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