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1 Year Anniversary of The Golden Touch Theater

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Golden Touch Theatre:

It is with great regret that we have to announce we will not be performing on 10-3 for the anniversary show publicly. Based on the data from the load test there are still some things that will prevent this show from going off seamlessly. We are working with Inworldz on this and hope a fix will be swiftly incoming.

On a positive note, we will be gathering to do the anniversary show for video only, so keep your eyes peeled on Tenbears Running Youtube stream. We wanted to be able to share the show we worked so hard to bring you, in some fashion and this was a viable alternative to the actual event. We hope you enjoy viewing the videos as much as we enjoyed creating the dances/sets for you.

 see also other post above

Due to some technical problems the show is/was postponed.
New date:Sat. 10-3 @ 12pm IWT; GT 1 yr REDO Show  ( this performance is canceled)
Where: Golden Touch @ Golden Skye

Tamara Redenblack announced :

We are so pleased to REDO our one year anniversary with all of you. The show is called Passages. Immediately following the show PyroVR will present a wondrous fireworks show called “Thunder over IW”. This is truly a celebration you won’t want to miss!


What: “Passages”; The 1 year anniversary of The Golden Touch Theater
When: Saturday, Sept. 26th, 2015 @ 12 PM IWT postponed !
Where: Golden Touch @ Golden Skye

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Golden touch theatre

Tamara Redenblack wrote on the IW Forum:

This piece is called: the eternal rest of a Ronin. It was voted as one of the favourites of the audience of the past year of GT shows. Including by me, I have requested it many times, as have others, and even though I have seen it several times now, every time something magical happens! The beautiful, powerful music, Calliope doing a solo dance, the viking ship, and the audience dedicating it to all those we have lost. As the ship is sailing we hear: For Sunny Day, For Maggie, for my father, for my mother, etc. by audience members and dancers. Many are moved to tears, are in thought, remembering those people who meant so much to us. But we are not alone, there is the whole audience feeling the same things with us, which makes it a magical moment and very pure. We are all at our most vulnerable in front of our IW friends, acquaintances and maybe even strangers in some cases. Being together with all these people feeling the same kind of emotions, gives me a very warm feeling, we are all united in that moment. I am very glad this will be performed at the anniversary show, and I hope you will all want to experience this magical, powerful moment during the show!
“This piece is dedicated to all those whose names are written in the stars and whose memory is forever etched in our hearts.”

Save the date: 26 september noon IWT: one year anniversary show of The Golden Touch Theater !


I think a tear will be shed with this performance and some of us will become very quiet, it is a boat we all have to take at some point. There is no life without death, is there ?

Window of Light


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