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September ICE SCENIC by Caro Fayray & Twinkletoes Fairplay

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Caro Fayray & Twinkletoes Fairplay a combine effort of 2 gifted artists – offering a beautiful display of their art – a must see ICE PROJECT SCENIC

This display is a coöperation between 2D real life work of Twinkletoes Fairplay and Caro Fayray working in 3D. They work well together and all is set in an original decor !

Suggestion: whilst at the exhibit, hover into the ‘Dream Places’ art work and let the creation take over, it is fascinating and magical,  you’ll feel happy, enchanted and relaxed.

Runs from 1st till end of September on the ICE project Scenic

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IWZ Cultural Arts endowment scenic

Caro Fayray Dream Places

Dream Places

Caro Fayray Love knots

Love Knots

Caro Fayray Solar winds 1_001

Solar Winds

Caro Fayray_001 tree of life

Tree of Life

twinkletoes fairport_001

   one of the  Pavilions with 2D work it goes from nature to animals


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