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ICE project COSMOS by Nyx Breen

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Nyx Breen explaining his work for the ICE project :

September 1st,2015


The cosmos (UK /ˈkɒzmɒs/, US /ˈkɒzmoʊs/) is the universe regarded as a complex and orderly system; the opposite of chaos. When the ancient Greeks looked at the night sky they saw order and perfection, we know better now that there is order but also incredible chaos . Which swings through the whole Cosmic specter from birth, destruction and death to only be reborn.

This creation and it’s content are interactive, so explore, fly and go to the different LM’s from the TP areas. There are alpha prims so beware, double clicking can be used if your viewer supports it. Yet there is a challenge now and then because of the alpha prims.
Light settings are important to fully enjoy this creation;
Midnight is required to see all the objects properly.
Setting your graphic page in Preference will also greatly enhance the experience.
(there is a texture of what the settings should look like).

Several objects next to the telescopes around the build when click will bring you to URL link with photos and some information. One of the telescopes has a URL that is interactive and shows the cosmos as if we where out in it. Well we already is but you know what I mean.

When you look up and see the Constellations above click on them and they will go dark and you will see the star constellation associated with it.
Spinning around slowly are the star groups related to the Zodiac signs. On the main level are reproductions of Johann Bayers Zodiac signs from his book named Uranometria published in 1603. On the water level across the Moon Bridges you find most of the URL linked telescopes.

When you touch the box under the telescopes it will link you to a URL that have pictures, info and an interactive sky panorama of the Milky Way.

Up higher is the Sky ship that has a great view of the upper part of the build. You can TP to it or just double click transport if your viewer supports it.

On the water section there are a few things to explore on it and under it.

Again fly around double click or use the TP. To get around explore and take pictures. This content was created to be explored and push your photographic skills.

One object is made of 20,000 prims :)
Have Fun.

nyx breen

Ice Cosmos Sky Ship night a.jpg

Photo by Nyx Breen

nyx breen making the final touch on his work_002

…This content was created to be explored and push your photographic skills he wrote,  you and me have to try this when we Go Visit.


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