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ICE project September by Nyx Breen

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Text from Jeri Rahja :

Nyx Breen will open his ICE PROJECT Tuesday September 1 at 3PM IWZ time – this is one of the most Incredible builds by Nyx – a beautiful masterpiece I must say and a must see!!! There is so much to see – a Planetarium in the virtual world I would kind of describe it that is so unique so well planned and a gift to the people of IWZ.

Hunter Montgomery – will be the entertainment for the opening – so do not miss out
and save the date.

Tuesday, Sept 1 3PM IWZ TimeICE project September 15 Nyx Breen_001

(picture veiled before opening)

quote : ‘this is one of the most Incredible builds by Nyx’

and I can confirm this, I remember his build for the Dante’s Inferno very well ! He is a Real builder and artist with a vision.

But go explore his ICE project for yourself from 1st till end of September, you want regret !


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