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The Community Library on Sendalonde

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The Community Library on Sendalonde is having an International Folklore Tales art exhibition to mark the Library Warming Party in its new Magellan setting.

Application due: 31 August 2015
Exhibition opening and Warming Party: Saturday, September 19, 12 noon – 2:00pm IWT
with the fabulous DJ G-Winz!

The Folklore artworks will be on display beginning September 19th for approximately six months. This show will be great exposure for artists.

We have an indoor exhibition hall for inworld photos, paintings, drawings and other flatwork. Two pieces from each artist may be entered. We have reserved room for 16 pieces.

There are 20 outdoor spaces for sculpture and 2 underwater spaces. There will be TP boards at the exhibits to link them all together.


Artwork should be on the theme of Folklore tales. Make something from your favorite folklore stories from around the world. Here’s a link to Project Gutenberg & free digital books on the subject:

To apply: Pick up a poster/application at the library OR copy and paste the needed information into a notecard inworld from the application example below. Name the notecard “Folklore Tales Art Application [your name] ” and send this notecard to Miso Susanowa.


Poster made by Miso Susanowa

LMs to the Exhibition areas :

Outdoors/sculpture garden: Go Visit
Community Library Exhibition Hall (flatwork): Go Visit

Alexina Proctor
Co-founder with Prax Maryjasz of Sendalonde Community Library & Theatre


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