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“Go visit” how does it work?

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When you click on ‘Go Visit’, this link will bring you in the virtual world of InWorldz,  but you need to have an account/avatar and a Viewer installed already for it to work. How to do that ?

  1. Join InWorldz by making an account :  click on Join Now
  2. Join Now
  3. Fill in the Registration
  4. choose an avatar (you can change that later)
  5. do the spamcheck and click on Register
  6. below the yellow ‘Join Now’ you see Downloads
  8. click on it and take full download list, do some reading
  9. take the Official InWorldz 2.x Viewers suited for your system
    Install the viewer and log in with your avatar name and password
  10. Ask for help if needed
  11. Now if you click on ‘Go visit‘ you get a choice to use the InWorldz viewer
  12. the inlog screen will popup with the destination ready,
  13. click ‘log in’ and zoeffff… you will land on the spot.

                      Thank you for your visit !


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I'm a citizen of the Virtual World InWorldz for many years, created this avatar to promote the Art and festivities, news and Highlights of this Virtual Platform.

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